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Freedom Hall Recovery Center

Freedom Hall Recovery Center in Piketon, Ohio is a compassionate, nonprofit rehabilitation center that is a ministry arm of New Beginnings Outreach Ministries of Southern Ohio (Federal 10 #43-2101685). This is an inpatient resident long term (6 to 9 months) treatment facility servicing those that suffer from drug and alcohol dependency and houses 31 males and 16 females. The residents are housed in separate living quarters and we do not discriminate based on race, religious preference, sexual orientation, ethnicity or financial standing.
pastor gary and his wife Angy

Our History

Since the inception of the program in July of 2004, we have operated entirely on donations from those who wish to help addicts. Our financial friends have developed through word of mouth, fundraising events as well as our monthly mailing list built that has been developed through the years of operation and we are not underwritten by any government entity, organization or corporation. Currently, we must raise $350 per resident, per month, to 
continue our services to those in need at no charge to them.

Who We Serve

Many of our residents are native to the Appalachian Region of Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, though we have received residents from Florida, New York, Colorado, and Alabama. Many of the residents that come to Freedom Hall are homeless but we also have many that come from family backgrounds of doctors, lawyers, business owners and solid families that have used all their resources seeking treatment for their loved ones. We also receive some who are transitioning from incarceration back into society and are looking for a strong recovery foundation. All residents are here voluntarily, and we only accept those who are seriously seeking help.

Our Approach

We believe the success of our program is based up our faith in Jesus Christ approach in correlation with the Cognitive Behavior Theory as well as the length of our program. With the length of our program, residents can return to the workforce (after 4 months), obtain driver's license, GED's and many enroll in college courses as they prepare to reenter society. Many of our residents are reunited with their family and children during this period as well.

Our Statistics

  • At this point it is an average of 60 days waiting list for residents to enter Freedom Hall Recovery Center as our facilities stay at 100% capacity.
  • Of the 1000 plus residents that have entered our program 30% of them complete our 9 to 12 month program of those that have completed our program 57% of them have remained clean and sober and are productive members of society.

How to Help

You can help by joining us in this fight financially by a one time gift, becoming a monthly partner, participating in or conducting a fund raising event.
Contact us to learn more about Freedom Hall Recovery Center.

Open Recovery Meetings @ Freedom Hall Recovery Center

Monday Nights 7pm- For recovering addicts and families in recovery.

Tuesday Nights 7pm- For recovering addicts only.

For an assessment for treatment please contact (740) 289-4317

All assessments are done at Freedom Hall Recovery Center, 2266 Wakefield Mound Road, Pike ton, Ohio 45661
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